Global Block Chain Game Integrated Service Platform


We address the pain points of traditional games via the following solutions

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The Decentralized Operation

The intelligent contract technology is adopted to develop the system settings in the game. Therefore, the game operators cannot abuse the game commodities and props. Even if the game is closed, the player's commodity data will be stored in the block chain and are not going to disappear.

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The Trustworthiness of Data

Stored in the block chain, the important data cannot be manipulated and deleted by the game operator at will, which means the game operator’s failure to cheat. Hereby, the game data become transparent and trustworthy.

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The Right Verification of Virtual Asset

The important data of the game stored in the block chain indeed makes the players have the full ownership of the purchased virtual commodities, which will not be possessed by the game operator anymore.

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Strong Safety Protection

Based on the high redundancy distributed consensus of block chain technology and the strong privacy protection and security protection of user information, the users' information and virtual assets are stored in the block chain. Even if the game operator database is invaded, there will be no leaks of user data or misappropriation of user assets.

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Breaking the Islanding Economy

The use of digital currency as the sole settlement mode in the game, the global player users can freely trade in the game. Without the exchange rate barrier of different currencies, the players’ transaction fees and transaction difficulties are greatly reduced. Meanwhile, not confined to the game itself, the players’ digital assets based on the block chain can be globally circulated and the islanding economy will not come into being.

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Intelligent Game

Combined with the block chain technology, the game architecture is designed by using the programmable intelligent contract, which is executed automatically, and the virtual social system and the virtual economic system in the game enter into an intelligent and fair state. Therefore, the game operator's power abuse is constrained and a block chain game platform controlled by intelligent contract is implemented.

Integrated Service Platform

One-stop Block Chain Game Service platform

Through the independent R & D and cooperative R & D model, the comprehensive block chain game products such as social leisure, chess, asset, etc. are provided for the game players. In the meantime, we will also help incubate the excellent projects.

The Platform for Developers

The Enrichment of Block Chain Game Ecology

We will provide a comprehensive and friendly set of SDK and API interfaces for developers, lower the barriers to development, as well as provide the necessary technical support and relevant training to encourage game developers to transfer to block chain games and promote the development of block chain game industry.

The Player Community

Zero Distance between Game Players and Developers

  • We will provide a comprehensive platform of service and communication for game players and developers, so that the players and developers have can straight and efficient communication and interaction, forming an optimal ecological atmosphere of the block chain game.

Incentive Mechanism

Promote the Development of Block Chain Game Industry

We will customize a comprehensive set of incentives to reward the good developers to further the number and content of the game, as well as the players who contribute to the player community. Meanwhile, we are going to make Hellokimi block chain game platform to be the world's leading block-chain game integrated service platform and more developers and players will be attracted.

Advisory Team

Converge the Expertise of all Trades

Asch Official Team

As the first block chain bottom system using side chain technology in China, Ash is an efficient, flexible and secure decentralized application platform.

DGFund Single-Share Capital

Single-share capital is a venture capital fund, focusing on investing in block chain technology-related enterprises.

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